Things you can do to save yourself from Khuwari in this Quarantine

Are you all-ready fed up with this Quarantine and have started scratching your head? Then don’t worry this is a sign that you are a normal human being because every individual is going through this torture and most of the people like us would have started a countdown.

                                         THIS IS US, NO?

But the question here is, has our lives stopped? Or aren’t we provided with all the facilities? So then, why to be extremely dis-hearted? Have you ever explored what capabilities you have gotten? If not? Toh use karo na yaar ye time, kya pata “Kal Ho Na Ho”

If you are still wondering about the activities that can save you from this Khuwari, then your wait is over. Because we have this answer for you.

Start exploring your cooking skills

Are you a painter? If yes! Why aren’t you utilizing this time? Share your talent with the world

Play with your acting skills

Be a storyteller, express your heart with all the emotions

Hamesha Galib ko yaad kiya hai na? aaj khud galib ban ke deikho

What about a tournament of online games?

ABCD? Yes! Anybody can dance, and you can dance as well

So what’s your favorite out of these? These are some of the craziest options but yet, the best solution for you in this Quarantine. And if you think that you can do any of these things, join our team HashtagsWalay.

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