“The ‘Neend’ is Hitting Hard after Iftari- Nowadays Dilemma”

Sleep is always the first option whenever you get time, especially for job holders or business workers. No one wants to miss the best time sleeping out peacefully, and this quarantine life has fulfilled everyone’s wish, and now the sleep is overdone. However, in this Ramadan amid lockdown skipping many activities and the chaos that used to sparkle the whole country. Sadly, the pandemic is dominating, so everyone has quarantine, Ramadan.

Life is rotating around eat, sleep, and repeat. After Ramadan, the routine has now totally changed, although it was already disturbed when the lockdown initiated, the setup has spun maybe because of eating habits. People are now sleeping addict, and it’s mainly happening after iftar. Yes! Because you are full of all the cravings and desired dishes, and soon what left? Sukoon ki need! The gust of sleep will surely come.

Even though the need has occupied all of your body and it keeps coming any time of the day.

While some people are fidgety as the sleep is maintaining the social distance with them.

Everyone has major issues regarding this Neend, and some are frazzled due to amiss timings of sleep while others are waiting anxiously to grab them. What’s in your case? Do share it with us.

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