The trend #blacklivesmatter has made an impact on one of the leading brands of the world

Recently, we came across a hashtag that took over the internet that is, #blacklivesmatter. The trend continued all over the world. The protest that started in the USA made an impact worldwide. People started tweeting, posting with the hashtags and now we see hatred for racism.

You may be thinking what’s a big deal? They talked on this matter and now everything has ended. No! This time a change has come.

A brand which we all have seen present at every store, every mall and that have made us used the product at least once in our life. Yes! The brand that wanted you to look fair because then only a girl was considered to impress a guy for marriage? Like seriously?

From their ads to their posts, everything was based on fairness after all that’s what the name of the product is. “FAIR AND LOVELY”. But, they took too long to understand that the mindset of people had changed.

        Fair and Lovely has face has turned black after this!

After seeing a lot of hatred, Unilever came forward and said:

“The product does not contain any skin lightening ingredients like hydroquinone or bleach. Our product consists of a blend of Vitamin B3 and other actives. We believe in serving consumer needs responsibly and continue to offer a safe and effective product for healthy, glowing skin.”

How can a leading brand that holds a position worldwide can risk itself by being racist?

But, finally, the brand has realized that they need to change the name and their message so, it was announced yesterday that fair and lovely would be re-branded, and yes, this is just a small drill that has shook up Unilever. If after the rebranding also they continue mentioning skin lightening or skin whitening then maybe they would reach a point of removal of the product for a lifetime.

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