Social Media to be monitored by the Pakistan’s Government

Rules to control Social Media activities have been approved by the Federal Government. It will give the government full access to obtain information from the Social Media companies.

The companies will have to provide the information asked by the government and remove any sort of unlawful information. A physical office will be established in Islamabad in the next three months to carry out all activities related to the rule.

If a social media company fails to provide the required information then it will be charged from RS300 million up to RS500 million

Ab kya hoga ?

All the social media application activities will be traceable and the data will be recorded. This is bothering the people because of privacy issues.

                    Saaray naway kattay khulegen

All data from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media applications will be tracked. Data like personal profiles will also be used for inquiry purposes.

As a result citizens will surf safely and not get involved in any sort of online illegal or unlawful activity.

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