Twitter is trending #CallOff UniversitiesExams-Student’s Enlighted

The Federal Minister of Education Shafqat Mahmood tweeted about the important decision taken in the National Coordination Committee (NCC) under the supervision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Shafqat Mahmood shared his concerns and order to all the universities that:

“Universities would decide their exams schedule according to their own policies and according to the direction and SOPs issued by the Higher Education Commission.”

On account of the government’s decision not to make a further loss of studies, the university students couldn’t swallow this news and started a trend on twitter #CallOffUniversitiesExams as they want to be equally treated like students of the school.

They are demanding similar rights as of the favor given to matric and intermediate students to be promoted based on their previous performances

Although, the students of the university were expecting a relatable settlement like that of students of the school but sadly, everything inversed.

Students are already exhausted with online classes, which seems incompetent to them; no productivity is generated in these quarantine days.

The university students were anxiously waiting for the Yes from the government about the cancellation of exams, but unfortunately, it’s aNO!

The decision was taken to revive the educational sector that is in isolation since February 2020 due to COVID-19 and to maintain the studies level on a good note as the country is already undermined. However, lives are essential but hope all gets to settle on a positive point that falls in the benevolence of everyone.

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