Lahore Lahoray

The team that has left no chance in being in the highlights, not because of their performance but, because of their record of not winning a single match and also now the team has also been discussed all over because of the support that it is getting from the Awam, as they are felling pity on the team. Plus, recently, the team was trending because of their lovely coach, Aqib Javed, who has come as a reason behind the destruction of the team. Yes! You guessed it right; it’s none other than LAHORE QALANDARS.

Today, the team is again on-trend, and the reason behind is that today the team will face the defending champions, Quetta Gladiators, and the best part is that from today, the matches will be played in Lahore, itself.

Even though the team has faced a lot of memes because of their performances in their matches but still, people haven’t left them and have again targeted them. Have a look!

In all this, how can we forget the cutie behind Lahore Qalandars? The very dear owner of the Qalandars, Fawad Rana is also targeted by the people and has entered in the squad of memes.


Apart from all the fun and memes wala part, there comes the beauty of Lahore and the Zinda Dilaney Lahore which has also made the people excited to witness the beauty of Lahore and especially today’s match between LQ and QG.

All the very best Lahore, we hope k Allah ap logon ka aaj apki hi zameen pe apka sath dey, Ameen.

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