Karachi Kings iconic win over Lahore Qalandars

We all know that at what position Karachi kings stand in PSL and how badly the kings were defeated on the home ground of Lahore by the Qalandars and the match was taken by the bubble machine, Ben Dunk. PAR KYA MATLAB KUCH BHI? HALKA LE LIYA THA KARACHI KO?

Yesterday the two rivals were seen playing against each other at the National Stadium Karachi. As the performance, the Qalandars are showing in every match and their consecutive wins made the people assume that Lahore would not let Karachi win and would give them a tough competition. But, the Qalandars had to face and they only managed to give a target of 151 which was a chase able target and the Kings showed them their true colors by winning the match by 10 wickets.

The win of Karachi Kings by 10 wickets is something that has shocked the audience and especially the Lahoris. And their situation right now is,

With all this, the people who you can’t forget appreciating are our opening batsmen who took the match and didn’t bother any other player to come and make fun of the Qalandars.

From our end, we can appreciate the kings and their amazing performance. And at last! Pray for your favorite team, may the best team wins.

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