Is it Trump’s time to leave his presidentship?

Are you a social media user? If yes then you would know this for sure that how much hate the president of USA, Mr. Donald Trump is getting his way but, apart from the hate if you don’t know what the reason behind all this is and currently what’s going on in the USA then continue reading my blog and find the reason.

Donald Trump is a person from whom there was no sign of love expected and when it comes to racism, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the most common reason for hatred in this world is not accepting people of different races and being a racist. But do you know that the time has changed? People are now having a pluralistic approach as they are getting educated and maybe that’s the reason where the Americans have stood and step out of their houses protesting against their President which clearly shows us that Trump is definitely not winning the next election as a trend which is running recently on twitter says #TrumpOut2020.

If talk about the recent situation going on in America, we see the blacks are being tortured, beaten up by the police but, this time the situation is not the same as the people of America aren’t silent and are speaking for the rights, not only the blacks are out on streets but we also see the whites taking part equally.

                                       Meanwhile in USA!

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