How to Release Stress in the Times of COVID19?

As the cases in Pakistan continues to increase, the tension and fear also grow because the negative vibes have encircled the surroundings. The anxiety and depression are eating the soul slowly by overthinking, and connecting every symptom could be COVID is more fearful. However, symptoms of Coronavirus vary, but this is getting on nerves now. Individuals experiencing pandemic and staying in isolation are gradually getting into a state of stress. The mind is constantly in pressure with nothing but bad news around and increment in loss of life. In this challenging time, you need to release your stress, and we have brought some ideas to get out of it.


If you are looking for the comfort of the heart, nothing is more relaxing than offering prayers. Allah said in the Quran: “Call upon Me, I will respond to you.” Seek help and ask Him to bless you with good health and soothes your heart. Keep praying with a strong belief, and surely you will feel better than before. Indeed Allah never burdens any soul beyond his/her patience. The depression will definitely release once you start moving with strong faith.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

As the negativity grasping every mind, get out of it as soon as possible and be there where positivity enlightening even if it’s little. However, it counts massive in this stressful situation. People who just have fearful pieces of advice and hopeless conversation to indulge you in the pool of anxieties, better to stay out of it. Talk to those who have good counseling skills and possess positive thoughts to relax your mind. If you don’t feel like talking to anyone, read motivational and productive articles or blogs, relate to your present condition, and breathe out the hopelessness.

Involve in Some Activity

Activities play a vital role in diverting the mind and help you to stay away from the despair side. You must have some talent in you, then why wasting it? Utilize it or search for a different activity that you find interesting. Whatever you think you are good at, go for it and do it in your way to cut down some tension from the environment. This is really helpful to move on in these tough times of pandemic.

Help yourself and others to calm down the situation because the virus is spreading rapidly, but if any of you contracted to COVID19, do not panic and vigorously fight with all the medications, remedies, and healthy items. Keep the immune system secure, have fruits, juices, shakes, and nuts in your daily diet. Stay safe and avoid going out unnecessarily.

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