Facebook’s social media accounts were hacked on Friday

The accounts have now been restored but the incident highlighted obvious security flaws. “Hi, we are OurMine. Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security is better than Twitter,” wrote the hackers.

They also posted a picture of their logo on Facebook’s Instagram account. Facebook’s own website was not hacked.

Twitter confirmed that the hacking occurred via a third-party and that accounts were locked once it was alerted to the issue. “As soon as we were made aware of the issue we locked the compromised accounts and are working closely with our partners at Facebook to restore them,” Twitter said in a statement. BBC noted that the attack was similar to a hack on teams in the National Football League. The accounts appear to have been accessed via the third-party platform Khoros, a platform businesses use to manage their social media communications. OurMine is a Dubai-based hacking group that attacked the accounts of corporations and high-profile individuals in the past. It has also temporality infiltrated the account of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and the corporate accounts of Netflix and ESPN in the past.

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