Excess use of Sanitizer could be Harmful

COVID-19 has brought the usage of hand sanitizer in much quantity, and now for everyone, it has become the necessity to use before wherever they go or whatever they touch. Two types of sanitizers are producing with and without alcohol. The sanitizer that doesn’t carry alcohol, then it’s likely to contain Triclosan, which is a quite powerful anti-bacterial agent that readily absorbs in the skin affecting the thyroid function and causing damage to the liver as well. The alcohol hand sanitizers also possess some drawbacks, especially for children.

Using before Eating

Nowadays, many of us immediately reach out to hand sanitizer before starting to eat food. Have you ever thought about the chemicals you are consuming? There are many chemicals in hand sanitizer, and frequently using it instead of washing hands, you are ingesting the sanitizer. It can be harmful to your immunity, especially for young children. Its consistent use can lead to alcohol poisoning. Secondly, it can lower their immunity to such a level that the body’s defense mechanism will be weakened and will remain in a constant fighting mode. As the children grow older, this can bring more side effects.

Scented Hand Sanitizer

Using scented hand sanitizer can be attractive because of the smell, but it is loaded with toxins and chemicals. Synthetic fragrances contain some unhealthy chemicals that may create hormones and could alter genital development.

Physical Impact

Hand sanitizer doesn’t only have medical risks but also certain physical impacts as well. Its frequent use makes the skin dry, removing the natural oil of the skin. It welcomes different skin symptoms such as redness, itching, cracks or fine lines, and dryness, leading to peeling or scaling of the skin.

As sanitizers contain alcohol and put it in your hands, if you go near the fire, it can cause severe burns on the skin as it is highly flammable. Never go close to fire or in the kitchen after using a hand sanitizer, it is hazardous.

As hand sanitizers have become an essential part of avoiding germs and everything, but its frequent utilization is not good. Washing hands are much preferable than consuming harmful chemicals. Keep its usage limited.

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