Donate a smile, save a life, help someone to fight against depression

Life is unpredictable”. You may have heard this term for a hundred times but, have you ever paid attention to what meanings this one sentence holds?

Before proceeding further, I would like to ask you that are you aware of what your loved one is going through? Now you would say no dude, my friend is completely well, and I just met him yesterday. What happened to him? No dude! Maybe he isn’t well, he needs you, he wants to speak his heart but he feels like no one would listen to him, and at the end, he will be left with taking away his life or living in isolation.

Trust me, two kind words and showing some love would not take away your precious time or will require you to invest your money.

By going not too far and discussing what happened yesterday that has left ever individual in a shock. Sushant Singh Rajput, a 34 years old famous Bollywood actor who had everything, fame, money, success but still, ended up by committing suicide? Now there will be few people who would say “Yaar kuyn sab toh tha itna paisa tha” but my dear “Paisa hi sab nahi hota”. Why can’t we start taking mental awareness seriously?

I may sound like a counselor to you, and I won’t mind if you are thinking so listen to what your counselor is saying as this mental awareness session is FREE FREE FREE. But, from today only we should work for a change, a mental change, and mental peace.

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