All Back to Offices as the Lockdown Released

Today, 1st June, the quarantine period seems to be over as the companies call off the work from home and ordered employees to report in office from now onwards. People staying in quarantine for so long are now pacifying to contact fresh air, hopefully not the virus.

State Minister of Health, Formerly Director Health System of Pakistan Zafar Mirza said SOPs should be strictly followed in all public places.

Mirza further tweeted about the mask, which can be of any surgical or medical-related but not N95.

Looking at the current condition of COVID-19 in Sindh, the cases are rapidly getting on the nerves to an uncontrollable edge. A significant number of us are not considering it as reality, taking it to other headings of cash making and not concentrating on the number of death and health crumbling.

It is high time to ensure yourself as well as other people by avoiding potential risks and not making alarm just as lighthearted conditions on the grounds because together, we can bring a change and spare lives.

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